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There are four Apple Stores here.

Store number 1 is on Freie Strasse in Basel. Basel is a city in nortwestern Switzerland. It is the third-most-populous city, behind Zurich and Geneva. The official language of Basel is German. The city is located is the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

The city houses the country’s oldest university, the University of Basel. Its location in the heart of tri-border area makes its economy very dynamic.



Store number 2 is on Rue de Rive in Geneva. Geneva is the second-most populous city in the country, after Zurich. The city is part of the Canton of Geneva. Many agencies of the UN, intergovernmental organizations and many more are headquartered here. Some companies also have their European headquarters in the city.


Store number 3 is at Glattzentrum in Wallisellen. Wallisellen is a municipality in the District of Bulach in the Canton of Zurich. It belongs to the Glatt Valley, hence the name of the shopping centre.




Store number 4 is on Rennweg in Zurich. Zurich is the largest city in the country. It is also the capital of the Canton of Zurich. UBS and Credit Suisse have their headquarters here.