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2013 had ended, and the dates and months have a new company, the year 2014. The year of snake (巳) will also change into the year of horse (午) this coming end of January. Still, I don’t see any significant new improvement around me. It’s true that yin (陰) :down: and yang (陽) :up: always co-exist and nothing lasts forever in this world. Nevertheless, the numbers 2, 0, 1 and 3 bring quite a number of good memories that last maybe for a few more months or even years. :yes:

With the addition of one more year, one’s age is diminishing. Sometimes, I feel like, some of the things that I did rendered useless to our goal of life as a human. I do, sometimes, ask myself why I am doing this, doing that, pursuing that or this, and so on. At the end of the day, a simple life will suffice one’s needs to have a holistic life.

Fortunately, I passed my language exam (B2) 😀 , without going for any classes and my sister got good results in her first semester’s subjects in school. On the other hand, the idea of taking another exam in three months’ time seems to take over my mind now. :faint: First, taking the higher level exam will grant me the edge to compete in that language-speaking world, but then, that should not be solely the reason to why I am learning a language in the first place. One should love the language as well as the culture. That aside, I read an article that says different person has his/her own natural language. What I mean is some people can do better or be more fluent in one language over another language, even though he/she only put in little effort in learning the former and so much effort in learning the latter.

With only a few semesters left, my sister and I will embrace another phase of our lives. I really want to go overseas once more, hopefully to India to continue my study. Yes, I have made the decision to study in north-eastern India. Just by thinking of it, I am imagining myself taking intercity trains and buses, going to magnificent temples and watching traditional dances, and many more. After India, I want myself to go to China or for that matter Taiwan, but somehow going to China is more feasible. As much as I love the traditional Chinese characters, the simplified ones are used by a lot more speakers, furthermore, I have made a few friends from the mainland.

All in all, I want to wish everyone a happy new year :hat: , and let’s do our best, not that it’s in my new year’s resolutions, but because doing our worst is not good, so let’s do the opposite, which is doing what we can with consciousness and conscience. That is paramount here.