August almost comes to a close, and next month, people can already sign up for the DELF test. I just kept thinking I will write a blog post tomorrow and tomorrow, and only today I realise that it’s almost one month since I last wrote here. So, here is one post for this month. I’ve found a new listening exercise with video and transcriptions, this time the conversations take place longer than usual, but still the same old problem arises, as to how I am going to listen to it. I have no laptop at where I stay and I can’t listen to it in the office.:worried:

As for my sibling, I asked her to take the JLPT this year, but she relentlessly told me that she is not ready yet, and said she wants to prepare better for next year’s test.:yes: I, myself, don’t want to get my body and mind overworked by having to take two tests occurring around the same time (DELF November and JLPT in December).

Language tests aside, good things happened over a couple of weeks that had passed. I got a few more postcards for my birthday, some of them are hand-made, and my family bought a number of presents (cookies, cakes, etc) for my birthday.:king:

In the meantime, I am still recovering from an injury which I got last Sunday. I can still count myself lucky though. Well, everyone, please take care of your health, Denpasar seemed to get colder last night, and have a wonderful week ahead.