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Time indeed flies so fast. It’s already my 10 days of not writing here. This week is a hectic one, with deadlines coming from every corner. A few days ago, I was glad to meet my friend again and we spoke in French. I have not made much progress in French, I seriously need a tablet, or a gadget that I can carry everywhere I go and use to help me in French learning (watching French movies, listening to podcasts, and write posts here ­čść

Next month, my friend from Thailand will come, and he promised to me to bring one or some Thai excercise book(s) for me to start my Thai lessons. I hope I can go to Thailand and introduce Esperanto to people there.

As for postcrossing, I am going to send a surprise postcard to a friend in Russia who longs to visit Bali and do what he wants – surfing.

See ya all in the next post