After a whole day spent out of town, a lot of sights captured, a lot of smiling faces and a lot of food, I am back in town. Feeling so tired, and need to catch up my assignment due this Friday. So far I’ve only finished half of it, which is about 8 pages, and now trying to complete another 8 pages more or so. No time to study French yet. I wish I can multitask, can listen to French while doing my work, but that’s not possible, ain’t it?

I don’t want to talk about French now, as I have not progressed much. During the weekend, I slipped myself to Tabanan, and we had a long walk through the capital of the regency, going round the city towards the Taman Kota (City Garden) then back to the starting point. I met a lot of people along the way. Time zipped us, by the time we were still in middle of the walk at City Garden, people were slowing down, wanting to take a rest, but we pushed on, by the mercy of Him. I wonder where will next year’s walk/parade festival will take place.

See you next time, have a good day and week ahead.