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Aaah, today, I just kept myself stuck to my desk reading up my notes and found this website which aim is to promote Esperanto through anime, manga, comic strips and games, or rather I may say using Esperanto as the main language in all this entertainment and amusement means.

You can check out her blog on http://amuzaesperanto.wordpress.com ; http://esperanimeo.wordpress.com

One link that I find very interesting and amusing is http://esperantokajcecilia.wordpress.com/ It has lots of comic strips in Esperanto with translations in French and English. The story in each strip is short, but the message and the vocab get across easily and can build up our vocabulary bank. Attention: Some comic strips may contain not-so-appropriate contents for kids.

So, if you are an avid fans of games, cartoons, manga, novels, or stories, and love Esperanto, you can do so by channeling your skills through this community. You can hone your skills in Esperanto too.

=) Have a good weekend everyone, I am out of town ^^