Having passed my DELF A2 this June (I received the results two days ago), I have been thinking since before I took A2 that I am going to skip B1 and go straight taking the B2, and I am planning to take it this November. I don’t know how crazy that idea sounds, 💡 I am still not familiar with either B1 and B2. Maybe, the option of sitting for both B1 and B2 seems to be the most reasonable idea, if I want to speed up my progress on this French exam.

This four months or so, I am gonna devote majority of my time doing listening exercises, as it proves to be the determining factor whether someone passes or fails the entire examination. For the sake of those who is not familiar with the passing criteria, one must not get marks lesser than 3/25 for any of the four skills tested. That is to say, I cannot take my listening section for granted this time, as it carries the same amount of marks and will surely be harder than A2.

To those of you, my beloved readers, who are going to take the DELF this November, all the best to all of us.

And the study goes on …. :ninja: