A number of people actually failed, lucky I wasn’t and never want to. Amen

That’s the first thought I had seeing the results of others who took the test especially in higher levels.
I didn’t look at my results first, I knew I passed already. The people who took the higher levels tests such as B1 and B2, I can say majority were having difficulty, a great one, for some in the listening section, which brought me thinking to buck up my listening skills.

I, myself received 17/25 for Listening, 19/25 for Speaking, and for Reading and Writing, I got 24 and 23 out of 25 respectively. “aux innocents les mains pleines”

I was so lucky that I got 19/25 for my Speaking. I was so nervous, lack of vocabularies, and in the middle of the conversation, I inserted a few English and French-looking English words, haha. At some points also, je tournais sept fois ma langue dans ma bouche T_T I went in the exam room as the last one, there were two others before me.

Thanks God

p.s. Somehow my interest in speaking Mandarin rises again. So glad to be able to hold a conversation for about 15 minutes or so with a near-native speaker.