The title for this entry means it’s Friday, and feels thankful that I passed yesterday’s lack of food and get to treat my taste buds to good food again today. :chef:

I spent today by reading on my favourite blog (currently I have hers to read, as her blog is the most interesting one, I have put it up on my blog roll, hi Shanna, I don’t think if you will read this).

Let’s talk about Esperanto a bit, the title consists of two words, estas and vendredo, ok. Estas means is/am/are *easy right in Esperanto. The suffix -as tells you that it is in present tense, whereas if it ends in -is, it will mean in past tense, and if it ends in -os, it means in future tense. Vendredo means Friday, for those of you who have started learning or know French and Spanish, you’ll see the similarities in the names of the days in these languages. In French, Friday is vendredi and in Spanish, Friday is viernes. And yes, we write names of the days in small letter (for all the letters) in Esperanto.

Fun fact: Esperanto pages on the internet will have the domain .eo and sometimes if not most of the time, will shorten the word Esperanto to Eo. You can try start on Google.eo or use their google translate, although I prefer to use other dictionaries such as the on on Lernu.net

As far as Esperanto is concerned with its relations with other languages. Many have described Eo to be similar to Latin or Spanish languages, like Spanish, Catalan, etc. In some ways, it’s true. Take for example, the title of this entry. It doesn’t have any subject, right? but it doesn’t work all the time, as Eo doesn’t have those conjugations for each of the subjects, be it singular, plural, first person, second, or third person. :happy:

Not much to do for today at my internship place, but instead of reading some news in French, I end up looking and taking down notes of French proverbs. Some of you may have read on this blog, that I plan to learn few languages at a time, but in reality, I cannot multi-task at all. The vocabularies will get tangled up in between, and gets me in bad mood, when I fail to get the correct phrase to convey my thoughts. :bomb: So, for now, I am concentrating on French, and hope to take another French test in December this year. One (small) step at a time.

To all of you, enjoy your weekend, have a good one. Keep reading my blog (if there is any) and hopefully more comments coming in.:up:

Thank you ­čÖé :bye: for now