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Hi there, my blog readers, if any ever exist. It has been so long since I updated this blog and today after reading one of my newfound favourite blog, where she in her blog’s formative days kept insisting to write day by day on her journey learning Korean, I finally have the strong urge to write something in here, even though it is a short one.

Looking at myself for the past one month or so, since I last was present here, many things had happened. In early June, I braced myself for the coming DELF A2 test and as expected listening section of the exam was dramatic. Thanks God the conversations were repeated once. I actually started learning French as my fourth language in 2007 before I went to Singapore for my studies, completed only one level of French at AF Denpasar and off I went to SG. During my time there, coping with peer pressures and the very hard-working people in school was already hard. I needed to learn a new language, not really foreign one, which was Malay (my fifth language). Now, I am not sure at what stage my Malay is on, as I never have the slightest opportunity to practise it in writing or speaking. Maybe, next time, I will write a letter to a prominent Malay figure and hopefully he/she will write back in writing in Malay, haha.

Ok, back to my French issue. Equipped with two French books which constitute four levels of French, Singapore, especially where I stayed was not a quite conducive place to practise my French. On weekends, usually, I made the effort to go down to Newton, where AF Singapour is located and I would just be inside the Mediatheque and reading some newspapers in French. But, it took out much of my time to revise on weekends, especially my English and Biology. So, four years went on without much improvement, there were some, which eventually gave me the courage to take the DELF A2 test this year, hoping that the writing section and reading section will cover my mistakes in the listening and speaking ones.

The results are not out yet, it’s going to be out next Monday, fingers crossed, hopefully I can take a higher level test of DELF end of this year, when I am planning to take my first attempt on JLPT. Hehe

Depuis mai cette année, je n’avait pas le temps mettre à jour mon blog. C’est très attristant à le voir pas mis à jour. Aujourd’hui, après lire un blog que j’ai récemment découvert, écris par une fille au Singapour au sujet de son voyage d’apprentissage des langues coréennes et japonaises, je viens d’avoir l’esprit et le courage de continuer à écrire régulièrement à la mienne.

Le mois dernier, j’ai passé l’examen DELF A2, et actuellement, j’attend le resultat ce qui sortira lundi prochain, et j’espère que je reussis hehe.

Ekde majo ĉi tiu jaro, mi ne havis la tempon por ĝisdatigi mia blogo. Hodiaŭ, post mi legis blogon de knabino el Singapuro, ĝi kreskas en mi por ĝisdatigi mian. Por la tuta pasintmonato, la ekzameno de DELF A2 (en franca) prenis la plej de mia atento, do miaj Esperantaj frazoj fariĝas ne naturaj. T_T Du pli da jaroj, estas la unua kombinita kongreso en Balio, organizonta par la Indonezia Esperanto-Asocio kaj Aŭstralia Esperanto Asocio. Mi bezonas plibonigi mian Esperanton.

Ok, I think this post is getting too long already, for my standard at present. So, I will continue, maybe tomorrow? =) have a nice day and blessed one, everyone. Thanks for reading.