Year of the Rabbit has begun :hat: . Today is the second day. Many people (read: me) were checking our zodiac readings for the year (health, love :heart: , career and finance :sherlock: , etc). Different kinds of zodiacs (both Western and Chinese) are used to get more accurate and comprehensive reading. For mine, it says it will be good throughout the year, despite more ups and downs compared to last year, more workload this year (true).

The readings of zodiacs are taken seriously by a lot of people, for example in marketing and stock market, marriage, buying house, etc. This is to get the most out of the year, the best ones one could get.

A new year is identical to everything new, new clothes, new schools, new jobs, etc. For some people, it simply means reunion dinner, party :cheers: and holiday.

Anyway, this year is Metal Rabbit Year, which means that the year will not only be influenced by the rabbit traits, but also metal traits, which simply means quite a rough year.

I think it’s enough with the readings, after all it’s a new year, reminding us how time flies so fast (so fast that we need to be keep reminded about it). Doing reflection on what we have done last year. One guy (I forgot who) said “If you want to know someone better, don’t look at what he/she has achieved, but look at his/her aspirations/dreams/hopes.” Even though your zodiac readings might not read good, we must still keep our heads up.

Happy New Year!