Day 1: Departure. At Changi International Airport, 30 minutes before departure, checking-in, excess baggage (must pay S$200), in the end sent back one baggage by taxi (only the baggage back to hostel), gave the taxi driver hostel’s address and my friend’s no, asked my friend to bring it with him to Bali.

15 minutes before Departure; withdrew $63 from ATM (for my other luggage)

10 minutes left; finished checking-in, ran with my laptop to the gate (while realising how big is Changi), being the last person to board the plane.

2.5 hours later; arrived in Ngurah Rai International Airport, looking for my black luggage, but nowhere to be found. I saw my tag, it wasn’t DPS (Bali) tag, but was KUL (Kuala Lumpur) tag, OMG, my luggage went to Malaysia on its own. Reported it to the officer, filled up form, and went home (get scolded a bit) with my laptop only.”


Day 2: Got a help from a friend, to look for the luggage. How difficult finding his place was. While waiting for him to call the officers-in-charge at the airport, went to my friend’s house to take my other luggage. Bringing it back to the previous place just now, GOOD NEWS, my luggage is in Bali already. Went to the airport (Arrival) and claimed it. Since I went there on a motorbike, couldn’t help it but put the luggage there for the day.”



Day 3 & 4: Waiting, got no time to go out and take my luggage.”


Day 5: Went back by car to retrieve my luggage, went around the city until night.”



Day 6: Opened my luggage and took all the things inside.”



Day 7: Happy, all the luggage are here, could start the holiday properly.”