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PW is a compulsory subject here, and can only be taken once (this year only). This subject is done in groups (my group has 5 ppl). One of its main components is Written Report. We must do a 3,000 words report based on our chosen topic. The two topics to be chosen this year are Amalgamation and Alternative.
We decided on Alternative (Learning Styles in Education is our title).

My WR journey is epic, especially the last three days leading to submission (17 Sept 2010, 2pm).
As our topic is quite new, and never been done before, it’s quite tough to do research during June holidays, so we came back to school after holidays with only a few resources (which in the end, we didn’t really use). So, the PW tutors provided a few consultations for students to ask about their drafts. Honestly, my group never went for one. While other groups in my school are desperately looking for teachers for consultation, my group is still at first stage, others have a few drafts already, we haven’t even started.

My group consists of 1 girl (leader) and 4 boys (including me). As we did not know where to start, the only girl in my group asked her seniors and friends. A few weeks before submission, she started typing but still had very subjective statements and little resources to back up our ideas. Moving forward (after all discussions), we did not make it in time to consult teachers (last consultation provided by teachers). This forced us to come back to school during holidays to consult teachers (it’s not easy to get the ones who are free during holidays), we got a few more ideas and edited our report, we even consult our Vice-Principal (o.O). Holiday almost finished, and we are more or less saw where we stood (5 days to submission).

The first two days in school (after holiday), we could not touch our report because of other urgent schoolworks. Then we were left with three days including the submission date.

Wednesday- School ended at 12 pm, we started looking through our report. We discussed to change and edit a few sentences and add in ideas to make our report looked impressive. This continued on until 4 pm, then 5 pm, and 6 pm. T_T. After 6 pm, we still discussed it over the internet. She continued to edit the report after our discussion until 3 or 4 am.

Thursday- We wanted to skip classes but we didn’t. In the afternoon, we got a teacher who is willing to do consultation. He took PW classes last year but this year none. So, he gave us ideas (enlightenment), and we realised we had a lot to change and add. Then we consulted our own teacher to tell him our changes to the report. All these things ended around 6 pm. Knowing the next day is submission date, she and I stayed back in school to do the report because other group members stayed quite far from school. Not only my group that stayed back in school, other groups were also looking desperate finishing up their report, some groups sat on the floor to get plugs for their laptops’ chargers. One group from my class, their report’s word count exceeding 3,000 (i.e 4,000). They couldn’t believe it, one of them ran to the field (just because she is tired, no harm). Then the girl in my group ran after her. Then there was a shooting star (it wasn’t a few minutes ago I sang Airplanes by B.O.B ft Hayley Williams). So, all of us went to the field and made a wish (lol, but a bit cloudy lah).

We must leave the school by 9.40 pm, and we did without being scolded. As usual, we continue our discussion over the msn, and finalised a few more stuff and we’re done (2,919 words). She printed it out around 2 am.

Friday (submission date)- We printed it out 2 copies of the report, but we hadn’t binded them. Luckily, we didn’t have many lessons on that day, after the first lesson, we got 2.5 hrs break. We saw our classmates’ reports, they used a better quality paper, however theirs had some errors in their report and they wanted to reprint it. Eventually, all the groups wanted to reprint it for diff reasons. Mine was just the paper quality reason. The thing was we must ask for permission to go out of school. And if the whole class went out, unlikely they would give us permission, so one from each group went (all the girls). In order not to raise suspicions and all that stuff, the girls tricked the staff. One girl said she is the guardian of another girl (changed voice). So, the girls successfully went out. The next lesson started and our class attendance was very poor. Empty seats. It looked natural (as my class has the reputation of being rowdy, noisy and all, “gangster” class). Afterwards, we had 1.5 hrs break, the girls hadn’t come back yet, and the next lesson finally started. Only 6 ppl from my class attended the lecture. Empty seats again. Finally, the girls came back and called us to sign on the report before submitting it. One by one, we (in the lecture theatre) pretended to go to toilet, but actually went to canteen to sign. It’s time. There, we again met our Vice-Principal helping us to do things faster.

We signed and submitted it, phew, we went back to lecture theatre and in a few minutes the lecture finished. Being so tired, we all decided to skip Physical Education. Only those who wanted then went. Phew. Finally, no more WR, it’s done, paid off.

Disclaimer: All that I have stated above are really true.


1. Thank you to teachers that we consulted, and teachers and students whom we interviewed.
2. Thank you to my group members.