Yesterday, the whole comm competed in Marshmallow Challenge. At first, I thought it was the game whereby we try to put as many marshmallow into our mouth as possible. But, they gave us a board, 25 pieces of spaghetti, scissor, masking tape and rafia string. We were supposed to construct a tower using the spaghetti as high as possible and if we put a marshmallow on top of the tower it won’t topple. So, my subcomm decided to build something like a pyramid, while making sure that the spaghetti wouldn’t bend and break. As for the base, we put masking tape around the spaghetti so that it would stay, because we were not allowed to poke the board. Then, after 15 minutes, we gathered all the subcomms towers and marshmallow was put on top of each tower.

My subcomm got runner-up position, lost to the Exco tower (a double prism), in terms of height.
Other subcomms, build prisms too but the structure is not strong enough to balance the marshmallow weight. Others even got Leaning Tower after the marshmallow was put on top, the last one due to its construction (too many masking tape and all), after the marshmallow was put on top, slowly the tower fell down, making the height of the tower 0.

Below are the two picts that I took. Some even recorded the video how that tower fell down (demolished).