Jakarta. Two teenagers from Bandung, West Java, have captured the attention of the local online community after uploading a video of themselves lip-synching a dangdut song. “Keong Racun” (“Poisonous Snail”), which they posted on YouTube, has garnered more than 1.2 million hits since it was uploaded a month ago.

It has also consistently become the No. 1 trending topic on microblogging site Twitter for the past three days. The teenagers, Sinta and Jovita “Jojo” Adityasari, are both 19 years old. In an interview with TV station RCTI, Jojo said that she and Sinta never expected their video to be such a big hit. “Sinta and I have been best friends since senior high school.

Last month, we heard of the dangdut song “Keong Racun” from a friend. We downloaded the song. We like it because the lyrics are funny,” Jojo said.

“We taped us lip-synching at the living room of my parents’ house. We had originally meant to upload the video on Facebook, but the file size was too big,” Jojo added.

One of their friends suggested that they upload it on YouTube. “Keong Racun” was written by Buy Akur, a songwriter and musician from Bandung.

The song was originally sung by a local singer named Lisa. It only become popular, however, after Sinta and Jojo uploaded their version on YouTube. The song is about a sleazy man who shamelessly asks a girl he just met out on a date.

The duo’s video created a buzz among Indonesian Twitter users and was linked by Facebook users and other online forums. Even politicians like House of Representatives deputy speaker Pramono Anung said he was a fan.

Pramono wrote on his Twitter account that watching the video had cheered him up. “Per your request, I just watched ‘Keong Racun’ and it has cheered me up,” Pramono tweeted, adding that the teenagers “made me laugh so hard.”

Jojo said that she and Sinta had received offers from recording companies to record an album and star in sinetron.

“But we turned all of them down because we know we have no talent,” Jojo said. However, they agreed to star in a music video.

“Charly, the vocalist of [band] ST12 asked us to be in his [music] video. He will be singing his version of ‘Keong Racun’ and we said yes,” Jojo said. As a result of the video’s success, Jojo, a student of international relations at Bandung’s Pasundan University, has been asked to be her campus icon and will be given a full scholarship.