Waterrrrrrrrr, (水水水). Thanks to the people who organised the event, it was really cool and having it in VivoCity (怡豐城) and Sentosa (聖陶沙) was really NICE. First, we all met at HarbourFront (港灣). We started the day with treasure hunt at VivoCity, we really took a lot of pictures :whistle: there are some cool pictures. The thing lasted for 2 hours. Then, we headed to Sentosa, at the Palawan Beach, there was one big tent with a stage there, so we put our stuff down and had a small lunch, before we had the next game.

The first game we played if I’m not wrong was captain ball in the water, so much fun, running around and getting wet. We paused the game and took a rest before resumed the game (this time on the sand). This time, instead of getting wet by water but by sweat instead. Still very fun though.

The next game was called Mr. Monster. So, we were supposed to do what the outing organiser told us, such as making a human chain with 7 legs and 11 arms (this is done by 8 people), and then walked for 20 feet. Quite hard, but workable.

Then, we played another one, which was crawling to the opponent’s side and did ‘scissor, paper, stone’ and those who won could crawl closer to the opponent’s side and could decide what they want to eat (some kind of forfeit, the thing is yucks). Yay, in the end, everybody just had a sip, bite, or else, and never finished it.

That was not the last game, the last game was Poker (modified). So, we play a set of cards without the Jokers. Every card with the same number, regardless of the colour, had a meaning and ranged from ‘all male must drink one cup of water, all female must drink one cup of water, drink one cup of water yourself, ticket to go to toilet, slave card, thumbmaster card, rule card (adding new rule), drinking buddy card, and so on. It lasted for quite a long time, because before the next card is withdrawn, the other person must finish up their drink and meal (if any) first. We played this until there was no more cards.

YAY, now the guys had free time again, play monkey in the water, unfortunately I had muscle cramp, and could not play soccer 😥 . Upon finishing it, we bathed, changed our clothes and met the rest to go back to VivoCity, to have dinner together. I rushed home, and got back one minute before the curfew. Then, I found out that I also got small wound (almost everyone had).

Thank you once again for organising the outing. 謝謝你們.