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How to know if a girl likes you? :sherlock:

1) Strike up a small conversation. This will help you learn little things that will come in handy in the future. All girls are different, so be aware of the signs. Listen to the tone of her voice: if she’s shy, the tone of her voice might be a little higher and she might start to play with her hair (smoothing it down, twirling, flipping), adjusting her clothes, and might stare at you. Another sign she likes you is if she laughs at a normally boring or stupid joke. (Though, don’t use bad jokes as a test, or you’ll risk looking like a comedy dork.) She may not be able to look you straight in the eye and she might giggle a lot for no reason.

2) Watch for signs of flirting. If she’s flirting, she may be difficult to read. Flirtatious girls may flirt with guys who they consider to be just friends, and it can be misconstrued as a crush. Because most girls do not want to be obvious, the flirtatious ones might flirt with you a little bit less or they might flirt with you even more. Either way, don’t “flirt around”. Do not flirt with other girls. If she ever sees you putting your arm around another girl or sees another girl hug you, she may jump to conclusions and assume she doesn’t mean anything to you.

3) Look at her friends. If you see most of her friends glancing back at you and smiling or giggling, this means that she is telling her friends about you. If her friends are loud and immature, you’ll hear “(your name), (her name) likes you!” Her friends might be making it up, however, just to tease her. When she is having a conversation with her friends, and you come over, she might stop talking all of a sudden. This likely means you were the subject of the recently ended conversation. If she likes you and she told her friends about you, they might come up to you and start a random conversation about things such as: Who would you rather date, Who do you like better, Who is the hottest, etc. If they name a list of about 3 people and her name is in the list, she probably told her friends about you and they’re trying to search for clues to see how you feel about her.

4) Look out for the damsel in distress. If you’re outside and the girl you like is nearby and starts loudly saying “I’m cold!”, that’s a subtle hint that she wants you to give her your sweater. This is a very sweet gesture, especially if you want to show the girl that you like her. If there are other guys and she likes one of those guys, however, she might act disappointed when you offer yours to her first, in which case at least you’ll know how she feels and can move on. Sometimes a girl will pretend to be really bad at something, and say that they can’t do it. That is your cue to offer some assistance, and she will most likely be doing this on purpose just to see your reaction.

5) Smile at her. Do a natural smile – don’t freak her out. If she smiles politely, or frowns and looks away, say goodbye to her. She is obviously freaked out by you. If she returns a soft or big smile and continues to look at you, then she is interested. If she smiles then darts over to the crowd of her friends and hides in the group then she may be nervous and curious if you know that she likes you.

Below are some tips: ­čśÇ


1) If she constantly asks about your status with girls and asks your preference in types of girls, then she is likely fishing to see if she might meet your interests.

2) If you find out that a girl likes you, don’t act like she is from another planet or has the flu. Girls don’t like it and their hearts can be very fragile, so be careful. Don’t be mean or give her the cold shoulder because IF you do end up liking her eventually, she may not give you another chance. Also, that kind of mistake can mess up your reputation as being a good boyfriend.

3) A lot of shy girls usually won’t admit that they like you unless they know that you like them too, so if she denies it to someone not close to her, don’t lose hope! If you like a girl, ask to become friends. If she is interested, then obviously there is something there. If she objects to a friendship, don’t take it personally, as there are plenty of other girls out there.

4) Do something nice like cleaning something up for her or doing her a favor. Then see how she reacts. If she eventually tries to do something nice to you back, this might be a hint that she likes you.

5) If she asks you to go out and do something with her only or with another couple, this may indicate that she is trying to send you the message that she wants to be more than friends.

6) Always be yourself. If a girl likes you for someone who wears expensive clothes, and you don’t, then just don’t date her.

Warnings: :insane:

Girls might try the “jealous approach” and start flirting with your friends to make you notice them more. Be wary of these girls. If you really like her, pay more attention to her and try to get her alone – she might get the hint that you like her and stop trying so hard. And as much as you may want to…don’t EVER do the same thing back. Girls are more sensitive and will probably just give up on you if you do that.

Now, another quite similar question:
How to Tell when a Girl Is Interested in You? :sherlock:


1) She will act differently around you depending on how confident she is. If she knows what she wants, she will be more aggressive by talking to you more, staring you in the eye, touching you, and trying to be around you more. If she is the shy type, she will become quieter when you’re around, laugh at your jokes more often, stare at you when you’re not looking, and overall just try to act cool around you while subtly flirting.

2) See if the girl acts nice to you and your friends, and if she laughs at your jokes often.

3) Watch if the girl stops conversations when you become in earshot. Also if she giggles a lot when you are around, she could like you.

4) Understand that some girls tease the guys they like; if she always has a snappy comeback for you and nobody else, or very few others, then she could like you.

5) If she starts to act differently or you catch her staring at you, she probably wants you.

6) If she lets you touch her, or tries to partner with you, it is a sure sign she is interested.

7) Consider if she seems to go out of her way to be around you.

8) Try to note when she’s talking to you, whether or not she is forgetful or notice.

9) If you happen to remark that red is your favorite color or if you compliment her on a different hairstyle, it’s a sure cue to her that you have noticed how she looks. If red suddenly seems to infiltrate the lady’s wardrobe or if she keeps that hairstyle as her new look, it’s a reciprocal cue to you that she wants to maintain whatever it is that has captivated you.

10) Some shyer girls might be too embarrassed to flirt with you. If this is the case, approach her yourself and try to build up her self-confidence with compliments. Don’t get offended if she doesn’t respond right away, she may be unsure of what to say.

11) If you catch the girl staring at you continuously, or glancing quickly up at you and looking away, she probably likes you but is too shy to speak her mind.

12) If she sees you staring at her and she turns around then she is probably shy and/or likes you.

13) If she starts spending a lot more time with you, or talking on the phone with you she’s probably interested.

14) If she smiles at you when you see her and you don’t really know her, this could be a sign she likes you. (Always smile back!)

15) If she blinks a lot around you she probably likes you. But don’t get the wrong idea, she may just have something in her eye!

16) If you look into her eyes, when she catches your eyes or looks at your face and her pupils dilate (get bigger), it is a subconcious sign of desire, and she probably likes you.

17) If you are having a conversation, look down at her feet. If her feet are pointed towards you she probably likes you.

18) Both men and women may have what is called “Subconscious Mirroring”. This means that she (and he too) will mirror your movements subconsciously while talking to you or just around you. (e.g, if you are sitting next to her in a school lecture, you cross your legs, and she does the same. You move your papers so that they are more on your kneecap then by your torso, she will rearrange or reposition her papers in some way. You scratch your head, she twittles her hair.)

19) If you work then you may see her around your workplace on weekends, after school and on holidays.

20) If you hang out a lot. Even if its not alone. Maybe just with friends. But you both seem to generally stay together.

21) If she comes up to you for the 1st time and starts talking about how disgusting the water fountains are at the school (or other stuff like that) without saying hello or even ‘so what is your name?’ then one; she is an extremely bad flirter or maybe she is a mad person.

22) If she pushes or punches you in a friendly way,and you pretend it hurt and she giggles or smiles, she likes you…however if she maintains a blank face…she actually meant for the punch to hurt….

23) If she plays with her hair while she’s talking to you, she is interested.

24) If you think she’s staring at you, but you can’t quite tell, try yawning is she was staring she’ll yawn too. If someone see’s someone else yawn they will often yawn too.

There are some tips: :yes:

You don’t have to ask her out right away. Ask her to hang out (just you and her) and see how she takes it.

Tell her that she looks nice. If she laughs and gets on you then basically it is a good chance she likes you.

Compliment her on something (hair, shirt, eyes, etc.) However, the type of compliment you give depends on the girl. While some girls like being called “hot,” other prefer being called “beautiful” and may take offense to being called “hot,” or vice versa. Just use your judgment when you compliment her.

Be yourself. If you try to put on a really ‘cool’ personality you’ll just end up sounding fake.

She may be more shy to talk to you than other guys she considers just friends.

If she is shy, try getting in the lunch line right before her in school. When you get your lunch try picking at it while in line. If she is shy, she might start copying you and pick at her food too.

A girl will already have it in her mind if she is interested in you or not. You probably won’t change her mind in one meeting unless you are outstanding in some way like being really good-looking, famous, rich or she had the wrong impression of you.

Girls don’t know what they think, actually. If you have potential, that’s something to consider. (a Girl)

Even though giving her small gifts and tokens of your feelings is sometimes a good idea, it is important not to go overboard. Writing her a small lover note is sweet, but writing her a long love poem may be too intimidating. Such things as a single rose (not an entire bouquet), a small bracelet, or just nice notes are good ways to hint at how you feel. Things that are larger then that (such as a plate of cookies) are often awkward for a girl to recieve and carry or put in her bag, especially at school.

If she is staring at you and you look at her, if she looks away she probably feels shy around you, so try not to pressure her.

Don’t be afraid of what she will say, whenever you feel the moment, use it, because you will highly regret not taking advantage of it.

If you have plans for a movie or something of the such, ask her if she would like to go. If she giggles, or smiles when she accepts, she probably likes you. If she doesn’t react much, she probably is taking advantage of your offer. If she declines, then she might be busy, or just might not like you.

Also if you and her never met before just approach her and introduce yourself: “Hi my name is [name].” Then, something else of your choice. Perhaps, “I’ve seen you around a few times…” or even “What’s your name?” , if you feel bold enough.

Never ever try to act cool, just be yourself, if you don’t know how to be yourself, just listen to your heart and you’ll know when the moment is right to ask her out.

Stop being afraid of rejection, because those who are so afraid of rejection that they never ask run the risk of ending up alone.

Be yourself! Don’t act all cool or tough. You know deep inside you’re faking, and you don’t want the girl to find out, correct?

If you ask her on a casual date in about a week or so, she may start asking about it more than usual, sometimes repeating the same questions, usually this is just an excuse to start or keep a conversation going.

A girl will notice you staring at her if she is interested in you (MOST of the time) so if she looks your way a lot, especially when you’re staring at her she may like you. if you catch her eye, hold it (It drives them insane), and if she turns red and looks away she almost certainly likes you. Or maybe that’s just some girls. Try it you never know!

Most of the time, a girl won’t be interested in you. They are probably just trying to gauge how many guys are looking at them. Much of a woman’s self-esteem is based on how men react to them.

Women always, always, always, *always* prefer the man to make the first move.

Introduce yourself. Don’t bring your buddies, so you can get the attention. The more girls you are like this with, the higher you’ll be esteemed among women.

Treat it like a normal friendship: talk to her, invite her to things. Once you know what you want, kind of hint about it little. If she might be interested, then go for it! If not, it’ll suck, but there’s someone else out there.

A woman’s desire isn’t as strong as a man’s, unless she senses that a guy is really into her. Guys are biologically programmed to assume that a woman is as excited about them as they are about women.

Warnings: :doh:

Don’t confess your undying love to her or send her poems and love notes unless you’re dating seriously. This might freak her out and push her away from you. Try something along the lines of “You’re really fun to be around, do you wanna hang out sometime? On Friday I’m going to…” and go from there.

Only compliment a girl if the compliment itself is true. For example, never say “Hey, I like your shirt” if you do not actually like the shirt. It’s better to say nothing at all, or look for something else to compliment.

Don’t compliment on something weird. Such as “You open your locker really fast” might make the girl think you’re weird. Of course, if this is your type of humor, then go for it, and if she thinks you’re weird, you aren’t for her.

Don’t ask your friends to find out if she likes you. She’ll probably sense something weird and think you’re playing games with her.

If she turns you down, don’t push it. She knows what she wants and it obviously isn’t you.

Even if you know a girl is interested in you, don’t think you have her wrapped around your finger. She may change her mind thinking you’re too full of yourself.

If they say that they like you and then someone asks you if you like her then don’t freak out and say no, tell her what you really think about her.

Never, EVER confess that you like her in front of others. If she rejects you, you’ll both be embarrassed.

Do not ask what she thinks of you! Judge a woman by her actions, not by her words.

If you ask her what she thinks of you, don’t expect a straight out “I love you, I think you’re awesome!” response. She probably won’t put her heart on her sleeve, so watch her expression and body language for indications as to how she really feels.

Sometimes when girls say “I HATE YOU” or “I don’t like you” that just means that you and that particular girl should just be friends.

It’s a good idea not to tell your friends nor family who you love before you tell the girl you love her first.

Don’t stalk the girl you fancy, it’s creepy and a huge turnoff.

Don’t automatically assume, that if a girl is staring at you and giggling that she likes you, you may have something in your teeth when you smile at her.

Don’t be an idiot and take it too fast. Take it nice and slow.

Don’t change who you are just to get a girl to like you. Girls can tell when you aren’t being yourself, and it is a big turn off!

If the girl does like you, than there is no need to try and change to become something you’re not or to try and impress her. She all ready likes you as you are!